MOST Astounding Alien Artifacts Ever Discovered

They might not really be from aliens or alien inspired, but the Most Astounding Alien Artifacts Ever Discovered certainly have us questioning what’s really out there.

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#7 – Nazca Lines
If you haven’t seen this giant monkey or spider before, then you must not be interested in the belief of aliens because every true alien believer knows about the Nazca Lines in Peru. These giant depictions of hundreds of geometric shapes and over 70 different plants and animals are scattered around Peru and were first spotted in the 1920’s and 1930’s by aircraft. These shapes were made by the pre-Inca Nazca culture more than 2,000 years ago. It’s pretty incredible that they lasted this long and they were able to make such accurate pictures while being stationary on the ground. They didn’t have flying machines until thousands of years later.

#6 – Golden Planes
It certainly looks like the golden toy plane pictured here was made by modern artists, but it turns out that the object you see here is from the Incas and other pre-Columbian cultures and it’s just one of many. These small trinkets are most often made out of gold and almost all of them look like tiny airplanes. Since the people of that time didn’t have a clue about flying technology, we can only assume that the idea for this design was given to them from someone else.

#5 – The Ruins Of Sacsayhuaman
These ruins might be a mouthful to say but seeing as though these ancient ruins have been around for over 1,000 years, we feel as though they deserve to have a difficult name to pronounce. These ruins lay outside the old Inca capital of Cusco, in the Andes mountains. The reason these ruins made it in this video is because of the exact precision and advanced transportation methods used to create such a perfectly stacked wall, it had to have been inspired or worked on by people who aren’t from around here.

#4 – Alien Coins
If we didn’t know any better, we might think that the two alien inspired coins depicted here were faked but there are folks out there who think that they’re real. Both coins were found in Egypt and as you can see, one of the coins shows the figure of an alien while the other coin looks as though the people are warding off or praising the unidentified object in the sky, otherwise known as a UFO. Apparently, the inscription on the one coin says “it’s here in due time.” We HAVE to know what that means!

#3 – The Lizard Man Figurines
There have been several different sculptures and figurines found over the decades that look like they were inspired by alien beings. The lizard man, which you can see pictured here is probably the best of the bunch when it comes to alien dolls. This figurine was discovered in Al Ubaid, Iraq, a place that has yielded a ton of artifacts dating back to 5900-4000 BC. That’s a really old statue if it was made that long ago. What is it of? Is this person or being coming back?

#2 – A Roman Dodecahedron
The strange object in this picture has a use that still eludes archaeologists even today. Some people believe that it is a measuring tool, or a gauge to calibrate water pipes. Others think that was used as a religious artifact or that it was used as a decorative piece, perhaps a candle holder. Several pieces just like this have been found in similar sites nearby, but still no one can figure out why. They were made between the second and third centuries. Could these be special communication devices that help us communicate with life outside our planet?

#1 – A Sarcophagus Lid Drawing
The most bizarre and astounding alien artifact we have is the lid of the sarcophagus of King Pakal, which you can see in this picture. According to a great deal of people, the King himself is depicted on the lid of his sarcophagus, but in a spaceship flying toward space. Believers say that his hand looks as though they are moving controls, he appears to be breathing in and out of something, and his foot looks like it is on a pedal. That’s a pretty wild thought but who knows.