Well guys! The secret is out! It has been VERY hard to keep this secret! A few months ago we suffered a miscarriage, so this baby has been prayed for like you would not believe! We are so very cautiously optimistic, that this pregnancy will stay, but I am feeling VERY pregnant and the hope is to stay that way! I will be documenting this whole pregnancy since I didn’t do anything like this with skyler, even though we wish so much that we did! Stay tuned for weekly Bump Dates starting next Tuesday 10/2 at Noon PST!

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Heyyy Guys!! Welcome to our REVAMPED page!! I Jessie Park have decided to take our page on a slightly different path. I want to be able to do Vlogs, as well as all kinds of other videos, like unboxings, cooking videos, lifestyle stuff and so much more!! I felt like I couldn’t accomplish all of that with our previous name Jessie and James Vlogs because it went towards the family vlogging category which was fine, but I felt like it was time for a change! So pleaseee Subscribe if you guys would like to see more, I have a TON of content coming in the next few weeks and I am so excited to share it with you guys!!


I had been using ItWorks products through out my WHOLE weight loss journey, But recently STOPPED! It has helped me over come so many obstacles! I got down 50 pounds before getting the weight loss surgery called a Sleeve Gestrectomy.

Weigh ins as follows.:

Highest weight: 385lbs
Surgery weight: 333lbs
Current weight: 245lbs
Goal weight: 200lbs Tbd..

Pregnancy Info!
3.25.17- We shared our want for baby number 2!
3.29.17- IUD Removal!
4.15.17- Positive pregnancy.
6.10.17- Miscarriage..
8.17.17 Positive Pregnancy!
9.26.17- 8 weeks pregnant!

My Daily Check List:
-Start & end my day Counting my blessings & Saying Thank You.
-Be kind to myself, and others.
-Don’t sweat the small stuff.
-Stay away from senseless drama, negative people or any conversation that is not POSITIVE, ENCOURAGING, INSPIRING, OR UPLIFTING.
-Follow my heart, Believe in Myself, So what I LOVE, and Trust in my journey.
&& Take time to just Breath..



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