Mystery of the alien mummy revealed

The mummy of a being that actually looked much like we imagine an alien is ought to look like was found in the Atacama desert in Chile. The being found in la Noria had huge head, a long narrow body. Scientists analysed the peculiar creature and are now sure about what they found!

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Script: Christine Kirchhoff
Editing: Christian Beller

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The 'EASIER' RAINBOW MOUNTAIN & LESS CROWDED – Cusco, Peru | Peru 2019 Vlog

Peru Ep. 8 in 4K
This Rainbow Mountain referred as the “other” Rainbow Mountain is definitely one for the books. We had just hiked for MANY hours through the Andes a couple days ago so we were happy to hear that they had a way for folks to admire Peru’s natural wonder without having to think about the best way to make it to the top.
It’s a pretty good ride from Cusco but SO worth it.
We give you a great glimpse into what this “Second” Rainbow Mountain is all about. Don’t let the hype fool you. It’s still a tough mountain at certain points because of the altitude. You’ll see.
Oh and we got totally experience a shaman like experience at the top. A Pachamama worthy ceremony.
Watch this special ceremony starting at 11:38
Let us show you….La Rura facil a la Montaño arcoiria.
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Atacama Skeleton Is A Mutant, Not An Alien | Inverse

Atacama Skeleton Is A Mutant, Not An Alien in Chile Archaeology Discovery!

A team of researchers from the University of California San Francisco, together with members of the Stanford University team who first characterized Ata as a human female, show through genetic profiling that she carries 64 genetic mutations, many of which have never been seen. A further bioinformatics analysis showed that these genes greatly affected Ata’s skeletal system, resulting in her abnormally tiny stature and her scant 10 pairs of ribs. Most humans have 12.

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