Researchers surveying in southern Peru with drones have captured images of ancient geoglyphs. More than 50 of the massive ancient drawings are considered new discoveries by archaeologists.
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Etched in the ground more than 1,000 years ago, many are worn by time and difficult to see with the human eye. Other geoglyphs, previously known only to local researchers and restored, are seen from the air for the first time. “Tupu” a “needle-like” object used to hold pieces of clothing together. This pelican measures 475 x 108 feet and is one of easier-to-see figures. A flying human is tethered to a monkey. The newfound lines, known as Nasca lines and Paracas lines, are already protected within a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Researchers are working to properly document them.

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Footage | Diego Ochoa Ghersi
Team: Luis Jaime Castillo, Karla Patroni, Fabrizio Serván and Johny Isla.

Funding for the fieldwork was provided by the National Geographic Society.

Ancient Drawings Discovered in Peru | National Geographic

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