Nazca Mummy Mystery, Warming Yellowstone & von Braun’s Asteroids

Stewart and Janet are back June 24th, 2017, for the newest Expansions News Podcast, lots of information as always!


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Info On Russian Doctor & Nazca Mummy

A web site called the Lighter Side Of Science said recently that the Russian doctor investigating the strange mummy in Peru is not legitimate. So I started to check around to see if this was true. Thankfully I was able to authenticate that he is a real doctor and he is an expert in genetics. He is mentioned numerous times in a book called: History of Human Genetics: Aspects of Its Development and Global Perspectives. Check out the links below and leave your comments.

Is this Alien Mummy Discovered in Nazca, Peru the First Ever Disclosed to the Public?

In this clip from our show ‘Believe’, we discuss “Our Universe”.

“Is this Alien Mummy Discovered in Nazca, Peru the First Ever Disclosed to the Public?”

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UBR- UFO Report 15: Nazca Peru Alien Mummy and NASA Mars Ice Lake


[NOTE: 3-fingers in each hand and 3-toes on each foot.]
Hoax or not? 3-fingered ‘humanoid’ mummy reportedly found in Peru, sparks skepticism
Read Article:
A three-fingered mummified body has been reportedly found in Nazca, Peru, with video of the purported body appearing on YouTube. However, researchers have expressed doubt about the discovery, with some calling it a “hoax.”
Fact-checking and research site also questioned the credibility of the discovery.
Though examples of elongated skulls have been found in Peru, dating back thousands of years, experts attribute this to an ancient practice of artificial cranial deformation, according to
In an interview with The Express, British UFO author Nigel Watson, described the body as “a plaster cast model,” dubbing it “110 perfect fake.”
Jamie Maussan Hoaxes
The Jaime Maussan Metepec creature has been confirmed as a hoax.
Fairy Demon Creature also confirmed as a hoax
The “Roswell Slides” are images that a group of UFO promoters – including Anthony Bragalia, Jaime Maussan, Adam Dew, Donald Schmitt, Tom Carey, and Richard Dolan – put forward at an event held on May 5, 2015 and the slides were a mummified body on a 2-year old.

NASA says huge amounts of ice found.
Read Article
Frozen beneath a region of cracked and pitted plains on Mars lies about as much water as what’s in Lake Superior, largest of the Great Lakes, researchers using NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter have determined.
Scientists examined part of Mars’ Utopia Planitia region, in the mid-northern latitudes, with the orbiter’s ground-penetrating Shallow Radar (SHARAD) instrument. Analyses of data from more than 600 overhead passes with the onboard radar instrument reveal a deposit more extensive in area than the state of New Mexico

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