Dissection virtuelle des momies de Nazca (Alien Project)
Dissection virtuelle des momies de Nazca (Alien Project)

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English summary:
The study of the CT scans of the Nazca Mummies made in 2020 shows that:
– All the mummies display marks of intentional modifications.
– Luisa’s skull is actually a Llama’s braincase. Luisa’s brain reconstruction is identical to that of a Llama. Luisa’s ribs perforate its spinal cord, and its spinal canal is obturated when it should enter the skull, which would have prevented this specimen from being a functioning living being. Luisa is definitely an artificial mummy made from animal remains.
– Alberto, Josefina, and Vicotria show the same modus operandi as for Luisa.
– The eggs are not eggs but rocks.
– Maria and Wawita are mutilated archeological mummies. There skeleton is human except for the hands and feet.
– Maria’s feet show misaligned foot bones and toes. There are too many foot bones to articulate just three toes. The heel bone is amputated. Maria could not have lived with such altered anatomy, and as such this mummy was most likely mutilated post-mortem.
– One of Maria’s toe has been broken which shows that the mummy was not curated properly.
– Wawita has 5 hand bones for 3 fingers only, and 4 foot bones for 3 toes only. This demonstrates that Wawita is a mutilated human baby.
– The mutilation of these mummies is disrespectful and represents a loss for science and archeology.