Not Current. From when the eaglets were fledging, several weeks ago. I apologize to the lady talking standing beside me. She knows I got her talking as I told her.The eaglet is ok, he is fine. A young eaglet takes his first flight and then tried to fly up to the nest again but cannot make it up that high so he falls down to a branch and tries to land but can not land and goes down more and then flies to another tree and actually he fell again, that I did not get that. The mother eagle watched from her perch nearby. I added two more clips.My thanks to the lady next to me for adding the color commentary.The eaglet was fine. I was really worried but he was fine. Nature on Vancouver Island. Please check out my website Island Rambles.
This is part of a continuing story of two eagles who raised a baby Red-tailed hawk in their nest in Sidney, B.C. along with their own three eaglets. You can see the story and photos on my blog link above or on the links below. PLEASE SHARE MY VIDEO, MY BLOG PAGE, MY FACEBOOK PAGE. THANKS, cheers, Nora