Energy Update for September 2021 | Arcturian and Pleiadian Message | Te-El
Energy Update for September 2021 | Arcturian and Pleiadian Message | Te-El

Energy Update time again! What is going on for the energies of September 2021? This video is another channeling from Te-El (Arcturians & Pleiadians) where they discuss what can be felt by those awake and also for those who are still asleep.

Energy Updates are not channeled each month anymore as each month is just a stronger energy of the previous month. So when there is an energy update video now, you know that there is something extra special going on!

Blessings of LoveLight to you ALL!!!

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Since April 2021, I have been living on the road 24/7 embarking on my Lightworker/Wayshower journey, traveling to wherever I am called to perform my Gatekeeper duties. I put out videos whenever I am able to do so, which currently is not as often as I used to do when I had an easy access studio. I ask for your patience as I do the best that I can do.
We are now fully in the Great Awakening. Life will NEVER return to the way it was. Release any hopes/desires/expectations. That world is done. That world is gone. It is a new day. Begin each day with the enjoyment of rolling with whatever comes your way.

Who is Te-El? Te-El is a group consciousness that consists of The Arcturian Council of Twelve and The Pleiadian High Council of Light. Together they offer the name of Te-El as this represents them to the best of our language. They are teachers of LoveLight.

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