Another previously unseen Erich Von Daniken presentation, this time on Ancient Peru. Erich is a mojor proponent of the ancient alien theory, hesuggests the Nazca lines and other complex constructions such as Machu picchu represent advanced technological knowledge that he believes existed when the glyphs were created. Von Däniken maintains that the Nazca lines in Peru are runways of an ancient airfield that served ancient aliens from another culture.

Erich von Daniken examines the various theories that attempt to explain the Nazca phenomena in terms of religious ritual, ancient roads, and astrological symbols. With the help of numerous photographs taken by the author-half-hanging from a small airplane-he describes the many mysteries of Nazca and puts forward a startling revolutionary solution to one of archaeology’s greatest enigmas. After examining the mysteries of Peru we move on to Mexico and its ancient pyramids to see the comparisons.