Many people believe, that the brightest human of our modern age, was not in fact Einstein… But was actually a man who died penniless and alone, with only his pigeons for company.
A man who went by the name, Nikola Tesla.
When Einstein was once asked how it felt to be the smartest human being on Earth, he famously retorted, “I don’t know, you will have to ask Nikola Tesla.”
Throughout Tesla’s life, he invented many things which have been of tremendous value to humanity…
Yet many still believe that his most valuable of inventions were supressed, whisked away into secret vaults at the time of his death.
A life’s work, postulations, theories, hypothesis, experiments and inventions, all concealed from the world, hidden with the motive of protecting a status quo which is moved and shook by some extremely powerful individuals.
Individuals whose empires have slowly but surely gained a strangle-hold upon the resource distribution, and indeed the technological advancement of mankind as a whole. Technological advances in communication and travel, have only extended these tentacles of control across the globe.
Nikola Tesla often spoke of an invention which he claimed would save the world, a machine making energy free for all, yet alas for some, this particular area of his work is not our main item of interest tonight…
But rather his possible experience of a close encounter with aliens, and his subsequent invention, which became famously known as an “I.F.O.”
He eventually gained a patent on the peculiar aircraft, which he called “the world’s first flying saucer.”
Interestingly, the interior design of the flying saucer, matched that of descriptions made by some, who have claimed to have seen a UFO from the inside…
With a discoidal capacitor that he believed was of sufficient enough, to provide enough thrust for the craft to fly. The design included other inventions which he claimed would have allowed the pilot complete control over the direction of the craft.
Tesla even decked out the interior of the ship with flat screen television screens and external video cameras for the pilot’s blind spots.
However, although the patent was indeed granted, the craft lacked a primary power source.
Whether or not Tesla had actually developed this and kept it secret, is unknown.
Clearly a sophisticated and well thought out craft, which has conveniently slipped into the archives of history, or quite possibly, black projects involving secret aircraft developments by the American government.
Where the idea for this craft came from is unknown, however, author Tim R. Swartz, along with many other researchers, and even Tesla himself, claims that he was once contacted by aliens via transmissions from outer space…
According to Swartz’s book, The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla, Tesla at one point was developing a powerful radio antenna, designed to monitor thunderstorms in Earth’s skies. While testing the device, Swartz claimed that Tesla overheard radio transmissions he believed were actually extra-terrestrial communications.
He wondered at the time if he wasn’t listening to ‘one planet greeting another,’ as he put it. From that point on, it became somewhat of an obsession of his, to build better and better radio receivers to try to see if he could repeat what he heard. He got to the point where he claimed that he was actually receiving voice transmissions. He said it sounded just like people talking back and forth to each other. He made notes saying that he was actually hearing intelligent beings from another planet talking to each other, although he didn’t know what language they were speaking. But he still felt he understood them. End quote.
Swartz claims that the book was written using “sensational data obtained from the inventor’s most private papers, kept under wraps by the military and big business concerns of America,”
Regardless of the actual facts surrounding the origin of the IFO, Tesla was undoubtedly a remarkable human being, one who gave the world some remarkable things.
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