From underneath miles of glacial ice in antarctica, to the desert sands of ancient egypt, here are 9 places where aliens might have visited!

4. Amazon Rainforest
The amazon rainforest is seemingly strange enough to the point to where it could almost seem like some kind of rainforest on an alien planet. Brazil and other regions including the Amazon rainforest have been hotspots for ET enthusiasts but that’s not all. Even the Brazilian government conducted what was known as Operation Prato which was an investigation carried out between 1977 and 1978. A large number of UFO’s were spotted near the city of Colares where located claimed that scars on their bodies were from lights in the sky. These beams were used to suck blood from over 400 people and even the Mayor Jose Soeiro requested help from the air force. After the incident took place, the investigation was closed 4 months after until the air force didn’t witness anything suspicious. However, it’s still uncertain if the Air Force didn’t see anything and didn’t want to come forward about it.

3. Area 51
The government expects us to simply believe that area 51 is nothing but a testing base for new aircraft, but this base wasn’t even acknowledged by the government until 2013, despite over 40 years of active use. Many believe that after the mysterious crash at Roswell, alien bodies were transported from New Mexico, to be stored at this top secret military base located at the National Nevada Security Site. This base in the middle of the desert, is in an extremely isolated place and anyone who drives within 10 miles of it will be spotted by camo dudes. Deadly force can and probably will be used to anyone who trespasses. There is clearly something the government doesn’t want us to know about here and it seems to be a little more than just testing new aircraft. If they were hiding evidence of extraterrestrial life, this would be the perfect place. You might certainly be familiar with the Roswell crash that the government claimed to be a weather balloon that suspended a disc. But who knows. If it was only a weather balloon, why would it receive so much attention for the FBI.Others claim that it wasn’t just debris from a spacecraft taken back to Area 51 but also some of the bodies as well of grey aliens.

2. Antarctica
Antarctica is a massive continent that remains for the most part unexplored. If a UFO had crashed on the land, how would we know? Google Maps! UFO enthusiasts are convinced that this is exactly what happened and they are claiming that it’s a true crash site. There is indeed snow that was disturbed and it appears to be a hole in the shape a flying saucer. Alien Hunter from Russia, Valentin Degretev says, “In amongst endless ice desert, it is the most genuine UFO in the most classic shape. So if not a UFO, what could it be? If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, shouldn’t it be some type of alien aircraft?Skeptics believe it’s just a crack in the ice. Until someone goes to the location for themselves, we won’t know for sure. Some UFO enthusiasts claim that aliens are in fact living on Antarctica and this is the true reason why planes won’t fly over it. The ice of this continent can reach a few miles thick in some parts, which would be a great place to melt a deep hole with some type of laser technology in order to build some place to hide out at. Since we know so little about what’s under the surface of all the ice, until it all melts, we just won’t know what’s there for sure.

1. Nazca Lines and Peru
This photo here displays a mysterious mummy that was found near the Nazca lines in Peru. Peru in general seems to host quite a few mysterious artifacts from the past that would lead you to believe that aliens might have visited at some point. The mummy that was found was reported on Fox news recently in June 23, 2017 which looks quite mysterious. It has 3 long fingers on each hand, an elongated skull with no ears or eyes. It certainly doesn’t appear to be human. Snopes is quick to claim that this is a hoax but apart from the mysterious Nazca lines and this mummy, there’s also the elongated skulls found in Peru known as the Paracas Skull. They’ve found quite a few strange skulls here that seem to suggest that they were born with that type of skull. They don’t match other skulls from cranial deformation and don’t have the 3 plates of the skull but only 2. It also has a 25 % larger cranial capacity than normal skulls found at that time. The eye sockets and nose are much larger. Mitochondrial DNA evidence suggest that this skull is not 100 percent human either.

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