Speaker: Nancy Amato
Host: Lori Pollock

Research Presentation: Planning Motions for Robots, Crowds and Proteins
Motion planning has application in robotics, animation, virtual prototyping and training, and even protein folding and drug design. Surprisingly, sampling-based planning methods have proven effective on problems from all these domains. In this talk, we provide an overview of sampling-based planning and describe some variants developed in our group.

Mentoring Topic: Why Recommendation Letters are Important and How to Cultivate Them
The truth of the matter is that good reference letters require some preparation and cultivation on the part of the recommendee – you! In this session, we’ll talk about what makes a good reference letter and simple things you can do now to put yourself in a good position to get one when you need it.

Originally hosted as part of the Virtual Undergraduate Town Hall Program, an interactive webinar experience.
June 13, 2017