Pleiadian Message | Hello from the Ship!
Pleiadian Message | Hello from the Ship!

Hey Guys!

Happy New Year! We are sending positive and loving vibes to you all around the planet for an abundant and joyful 2022!

Soooo we have beeen working with the galactic federation ship, and in particular Eskil our Pleiadian brother from the stars has been asking that i focus on channeling him more fluently for all souls to receive transimissions…

I have been a bit nervous about how this would all work, so i thought i would just give it a go today while pete and the kids were out having their first ocean swim for 2022…

I connected in and opened my heart to the energy, i also merged my frequency and consciousness with Eskil and was able to bring through a channelling! yah!

We are tapping into and connecting with this ship in sessions, however it is very much human interaction with the individual to understand the healing we need to do, so im stoked i was able to connect with Eskils consciousness and speak through this communication.

As he says we can all do this! Elevation of consciousness and raising your vibration is key to this!

Love you all, hope you enjoy this transmission as much as i did experiencing it 🙂

Love Roxy xx
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