A number of self-proclaimed UFO researchers claimed that a recently unearthed humanoid-shaped mummy is the latest evidence of alien life on earth, in a press conference in Lima, Tuesday.

The alleged discovery involves a mummified humanoid unearthed in Peru, which, according to journalist Jaime Maussan leading the research, dates back to more than 1700 years.

Maussan said that a total of five unearthed bodies was discovered, “three of which seem to have characteristics that are closer to reptiles than to humans.”

Presenting a slide show of X-rays depicting the mummified object, Maussan shrugged off allegations of fraud.

“We are going to present preliminary evidence,” he said, adding that “if in some way it is considered that there is doubt and that this can be real, the obligation of the Peruvians first and the whole world is to preserve these bodies to find a true answer.”

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