Today on Edge of Wonder continue our talk with Jordan Sather from Destroying the Illusion where we’ll discuss how unreal today’s mainstream #SCIENCE is and how it has become a cult on its own.

Where anything that is not been proven by science is pushed out and not accepted in society causing a paradoxical conundrum.
We also bring up topics such as why has the real research of brilliant scientists like Nikola Tesla and Walter Russell been minimized and suppressed? What bombshell disclosures did they have, that they said humans aren’t ready for yet?
And Is this modern age leading us away from the Divine?
What is the ‘electric universe’ and how can we tap into it?
And, Is this where lightsabers come from?
All this and more on Part 2 with Jordan Sather on Edge of Wonder.

Part 1: Jordan Sather on the Secret Space Program:

Jordan Sather’s Destroying the Illusion:

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