VERY GRAVE MESSAGE! Our Lady of Guadalupe Concerning demonic Aliens, Sin Of Vaxxination, Matyrdom
VERY GRAVE MESSAGE! Our Lady of Guadalupe Concerning demonic Aliens,  Sin Of Vaxxination, Matyrdom

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VERY GRAVE MESSAGE! Our Lady of Guadalupe Concerning demonic Aliens, Sin Of Vaxxination, Martyrdom
Dear Children, My peace be with you. We are in the middle of crucial events.

Already inhabiting (earth) are a diversity of incarnate demonic entities that come from other galaxies,

in order to help THE ANTICHRIST and his henchmen in their perverse global agenda. Be aware of them.

Only prayer weakens them, so cover yourself with My Mantle of Stars and protect yourselves with the Prayer of the Rosary.

They cannot approach the Sealed souls, however, they perform abductions with people who are far from Me and My Son.

The Holy Spirit that dwells in you is a very strong protection against any demonic attack.

That is why THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN VACCINATED are more prone to falling into the tentacles of demons.

Because their DNA has been changed and the Essence of God in them has disappeared,

these (vaccinated) people are vulnerable to problems, both physical and spiritual.

That is why I, your Mother, I warned you, for a long time NOT to be vaccinated,

but Humanity has a veil over their eyes and they do not see what is really happening.

Only My children, My chosen ones who are Consecrated and Sealed will be able to survive everything that will come.

You can see the events are perverse and serious that will happen to Humanity.

Vaccinated people are prone to this spiritual vulnerability, leading them to be more easily possessed by demonic entities.

Pray a lot for them, so that they are protected, because they are vulnerable to countless problems,

both physical and spiritual, that will afflict Humanity.

THE VACCINATED are also more likely to suffer abductions because the protection of the Holy Spirit has left them, when changing their DNA.

Apart from psychological and physical damage that they may suffer,

they are more prone to suffer psychological and mental illnesses, due to the lack of spiritual protection.

VACCINATION brings endless problems, especially spiritual ones, as they are the most vulnerable to losing their souls.

When the mark of the beast is forcibly imposed on all Humanity, I will protect them (the vaccinated people).

Therefore, they should ask to Consecrate themselves, fast and do penance, since these acts will protect them from the mark of the beast.

My Consecrated Ones, you will be protected in an extraordinary way and by Heaven.

For this reason, I ask you to frequently renew your Consecrations.

The Seal of My Children has been embedded in the foreheads of My chosen ones.

Do not lower your guard and do not stop praying. This is your only protection.

In these times of great danger to your souls, do not leave Mass, or daily Communion,

Eucharistic Adoration or the Rosary, as all these will protect you greatly. Troubled times are coming.

Take hold of the boat of salvation, which is my Immaculate Heart, through Spiritual Unity with the Holy Trinity.

I ask you to renew daily, all these instructions that I am giving you. They will keep you Safe both physically and spiritually,

as Heaven protects you in an extraordinary way.

If you live in the Divine Will and put into practice all that has been said before,

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