Your Heart is the Guiding Light with Christine Day (Pleiadian Ambassador)
Your Heart is the Guiding Light with Christine Day (Pleiadian Ambassador)

In this recorded conversation, we explore…

* Healing oneself of childhood wounds.
* How programming is embedded in our cells.
* Accepting our multi-dimensional nature and gifts.
* The journey to anchor God consciousness.


Meet CHRISTINE DAY, born and raised in Australia. In 1986, with a diagnosis of advanced systemic lupus, she was told she had a few months to live. Christine experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, moving her into remission and she has been symptom free since.

In 1996 she had a direct encounter with a Pleiadian ship. Through this profound experience her pre-agreements and mission for this lifetime were revealed. She received an entire download of her unique Pleiadian aspect that created a total transmutation of her entire energetic systems. This happening radically transformed her life and has enabled her to transmit a pure love frequency outward to humanity.

Christine has become internationally renowned as the Pleiadian Ambassador for Earth. She is a spiritual teacher, healer and channel. Christine has written three books: “Pleiadian Initiations of Light” “Pleiadian Principles for Living” and “The Pleiadian Promise”. Christine has recently been directed to move to Alice Springs in the deep red center of the outback region of the Northern Territory in Australia. Her role is to hold the energetic platform for the creation of, what the Pleiadians referred to as a Diamond Arc Light Consciousness that is to originate at a specific pre-destined point within the land in Alice Springs and link into the Galactic Receiving Station in Grand Marais MN in the United States. This Arc will be a main branch part of an energetic webbing encircling Earth, connecting to all life force within the planet.

Christine presents 3-Day Pleiadian “live” online Seminars annually. She releases a Podcast monthly, and writes a monthly column, “The Pleiadian Message.” There are a series of Online Video Courses, and a wide range of material for a direct experience of her work with the Pleiadians at


MICHELLE J. HOWE is a powerful teacher and channel of high-vibrational, healing energies. She empowers empaths, sensitives, and others who are passionate about personal development, inner peace, and authenticity.

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